First-class care
Every lady strives to preserve and enhance her charm, to be attractive and beautiful. The beauty of a woman is not only the beauty of her face, it's also the beauty of her body. It is therefore necessary to care not only for the skin of the face, to apply various masks to the face, but also take good care for the skin of your body. It needs adequate attention in order to keep it velvety, resilient, and elastic for many years ahead.
Everything for a great game
There is a professional tennis court with HARD cover in the hotel compound. The main elements of the coating include a mixture of acrylic polymers, minerals and burnt quartz sand. The composition and proportions are patented and strictly observed, guaranteeing excellent quality of this tennis court coating. This coating not only allows to play tennis, but also soccer, basketball and hockey. You may hire any gaming equipment.
Maintaining power away from home
The fitness center consists of three zones.
The first one is cardio zone. It is equipped with treadmills that are fitted with special shock absorbers to prevent negative impact on your joints.
The second zone is an are designed for strong-arm exercise. Training on these machines will be interesting both for experienced athletes and dummies, due to their intrinsic safety and separate effect on individual muscle groups.
The third zone is a gym with a total area of 340 square meters. A flooring made from professional three-tier parquet Boen Singleflex allows you to conduct classes and competitions on ballroom and sports dances.
Swimming pool
Beautiful rest
Swimming is a pleasant and useful pastime for children and adults. The swimming pool in Nikolayevsky Posad art hotel is equipped with an electronic display and a timer, a finish-touch control system, and a false start detection system.
There's a special tile covering the perimeter. 
Our swimming pool uses water from our own well, which is purified by ions of silver and copper.
We can rent sports equipment, bicycles, electric transport.