International and Russian standards of hospitality apply. 

The hotel is a socially responsible business, we pay all taxes! 

Certified modern complex (4,000 square meters) with spa facilities, hamam, Russian bath, recorded in the Register of Sports Ministry of the Russian Federation.

 A swimming pool 25 meters long without chlorine is equipped with a state-of-the-art water purification system with ions of silver and copper distributed by NECON company. 

An artesian water from our own borehole that you can drink from tap. 

In the cottages 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 are sauna, swimming pool, lounge, and billiard. 

It also has a Garden Park with more than 100 species of plants

It has a fenced area with 24-hour security service and CCTV cameras in public areas. 

The multi-function Air Hall can seat up to 1,000 people. It is ideal for sports competitions, conferences, big celebrations, screenings on a LED screen of 3.5 x 7 meters. It has been certified and entered to the Register of the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation. 

Air conditioning, professional lighting and multimedia equipment ROBE, MARTIN, IMLIGHT and BEAMZ. 

A modern concert hall / theater seats up to 250 people. 

Conference hall seats 130 people and is equipped with simultaneous interpretation booths. 

It also houses a free-service business center with high-speed Internet. 

Children's playground (available in summer), and children's room. 

Спортзал с профессиональным трехуровневым покрытием Boen Singleflex для проведения занятий и соревнований по бальным и спортивным танцам, тренажёрные залы. Все условия для проведения спортивных соревнований и сборов.

Professional tenn

is court, bicycle lane/ski route (1,200 m). 

Exclusive interiors with designer furniture.

50 TV channels, including their own channel with documentary films about Suzdal. 

Restaurants "Kupechesky", "Teatralny", "Opokhmelochnaya" Inn, a fitness cafe, a lobby bar, and karaoke.

Guest insurance against accidents on the hotel complex premises is available.

Our guests are invited to enjoy live music in the lobby. 

It offers a micro-climate of its own. Spring time arrives here two weeks earlier, and autumn - 2 weeks later than in the surrounding area.